The Lithuanian Charter

  • to support and unite all Lithuanians outside Lithuania’s borders and promote Lithuanian culture and language abroad;
  • a nation is a natural community of people;
  • human has birthright to freely profess and promote his nationality;
  • Lithuanian remains a Lithuanian everywhere and always;
  • is parents maintained the Lithuanian national consciousness; a Lithuanian relays it to the generations yet unborn, to remain alive;
  • language is the strongest tie to the national community;
  • he Lithuanian language is the most precious national honor for a Lithuanian;
  • national solidarity is the highest national virtue.

In the 1950′s many Lithuanians from Germany moved to the United States. Canada, Australia. South America and other countries, where they established new branches of the Lithuanian Community. 1955 saw elections to the first Lithuanian Community Council in the U.S., which allowed better coordination among the different Lithuanian groups. In 1960 Lithuanians in the U.S., among them future President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus, collected about 40,000 signatures and petitioned the United States Government to intervene in the ongoing deportations of Lithuanians to Siberia conducted by the Soviets.In August of 2006, President Valdas Adamkus attended the opening ceremony of the World Lithuanian Community’s 12th Seimas. Adamkus proposed new goals for the Community as it was facing new challenges which had to be accepted and dealt with because a new wave of Lithuanians had left their homeland since the declaration of independence in 1990.